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Weapons Of Mass Satisfaction Or How The Gay Bomb Nearly Went Off

By Michelle Duffy     Jun 13, 2007 in Politics
The US have come up with a bomb which will turn people gay - that is to say, a chemical spray which dates from a weapons proposal from the US forces in 1994, a weapon which can cause actions of homosexual behaviour
The authenticity has been queried as you can imagine, yet it put the wind up one roving reporter who came across a document which supposedly proposed the weapon which brought on feelings of a homosexual preference.
The chemical, which is not thought to actually exist anyway, would have been used as a spray, perhaps just to disorientate the enemy rather than find the soldier next to him, amazingly attractive.
The Sunshine Project has confirmed as late as 2002 that there was indeed a proposal for such a bomb to be made. Yet there appears from official sources that this was definitely not the case. Naturally this has sparked off the old argument of: should gay people be in the military?
If perhaps they introduced transvestites into the forces, I think that would work more effectively on the enemy, after all, the element of attack is the element of surprise.
What perhaps is more sensational is the lack of accurate dubbing in this piece of film...
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