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article imageThe XBOX 360 will make it rain

By Aaron Robson     Jun 12, 2007 in Entertainment
For almost two years now, the Xbox 360 has been slowley progressing, the games amounting to nothing special. But for 3 months, 3 games will set the Xbox apart from the other consoles as the best choice.
For months now, 3 games have been on every Xbox 360 owners lips. These 3 games have at least been anticipated for over a year, one game has even been expected since the release of the previous one. Those three games are: Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto IV and finally Assassin's Creed.
These are the games that are expected to give the 360 the boasting rights it deserves. The unfortunate part is that we will have to wait 3 months in addition for the rain to come. Halo is set to release in September, GTA IV for October, and Assasin's Creed for November.
What sets these three games apart from the other games is the amount of time and detail put into them. Lately, the Xbox 360 has been releasing games non-stop. Some don't realise this because the games aren't even note worthy. But these three games, have been surfacing at a slow but steady pace, allowing the exact time for perfection. Just enough publicity to build excitement.
So before you go out right away and buy another Xbox 360 game, just remember, it would be better to save your money for one of these 3 games, their only with in 3 months reach...I am sure you can wait just a bit longer.
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