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article imageOp-Ed: Why Do We Care?

By KJ Mullins     Jun 12, 2007 in Lifestyle
I was reading an article about Prince Harry going out with his squad and having a few drinks. He was criticized for this action because the Britain's 150th soldier died in Iraq. Only Harry by the way was in the wrong, not the others that were beside him.
Something is wrong here. Just because a person is in the limelight does not make them more than the rest of us. I am not talking about the Parises, Lindsays or Brittanys of the entertainment world. I am talking about the ones who try to do their job and live their lives. They are put on a pedestal that none of us could achieve and then we wonder why they act badly.
They aren't. They are being human. They want to blend in, be able to have a drink with friends without being called a drunk for it. They'd love to take their kids to the zoo when everyone else is there but if they made one wrong move the world's rags would label them a child abuser.
And yes, at times I am a hypercrite because I write about the celebs. There is a slight difference in that I write about the ones that put themselves front and center, but not a huge one.
The thing I am wondering is if I was on the other side how would I fare? Would I hold up to the public's unforgiving eye? No way. Because I'm human. I fight with my kids, pout when I don't get my way at times and have been known to have been slightly toasted.
I can see the headlines:
Moments Screamed at her Kids In the Park When They Refused to Listen.
Moments Had a Glassy Eye Look To Her When She Entered The Cab
Moments in Time Spilt Her Pants Laughing At the Newspaper Stand
What would your headline be? Or would you be able to remain under the radar? Nope, not if you were in the public eye.
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