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Good Trip Ma'am?

By Michelle Duffy     Jun 12, 2007 in World
As the Princess Royal took to the streets for a royal walkabout yesterday on the small Channel Island of Guernsey, she slipped over only to be helped by a man who just wanted to help. What he got in return for his troubles was a jolly great earful
The 56 year old Princess probably did not mean to snap so hard at the man who was only trying to help as the embarrassment of falling over in public is bad enough to bear, so it must be more than just painful to fall over when one is royalty.
The Princess was heard shouting out,
"No, don't do that, thank-you. Grabbing me round my... ( inaudible) won't help! I'm perfectly capable of getting myself up."
We have been left in the the dark a touch since the actual area of the royal self was grabbed by Mr Rowland, the head of Guernsey's legal and political system. At least if she felt the desire to sue, he would be okay for a good deal on a lawyer.
By the pictures which have come through (naturally there was a dozen press photographers to take the snap of the royal legs akimbo,) it would seem that she was 'helped up' by her arm and her shoulder.
Mr Rowland made a statement shortly after to the effect of the incident saying,
"The Princess Royal slipped at the top of Smith Street, I offered her my assistance but no damage was done. She was mildly shaken, but swiftly recovered and was determined to continue with the walk through St Peter Port. She was soon acknowledging bystanders in her usual relaxed and engaging way."
Yet it would appear that the damage was done the very second he stepped out to help her. Yet what was he supposed to do? Stand back out of the way and watch her hit the deck with a thump?
A witness in the crowd of a few hundred well wishes who were there already to see her (God, this day gets worse for the Princess!) said that actually the Princess Royal looked as though she was at the point of swearing at the poor man. She was certainly annoyed not just for falling over, but for him helping her up.
She had been touring the performing arts on the island, and then promptly came up with her very own...
It is certainly worth clicking the link to see the pictures.
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