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New STD Passes Gonorrhea Among Young Adults

By KJ Mullins     Jun 11, 2007 in Lifestyle
Mycoplasma genitalium, a sneaky STD that is often asymptotic has beaten Gonorrhea among the younger generation. The infection appeared in the 1980's but so far there is little known about it.
If anything can be good news when it comes to STDs would be it doesn't kill.
We do know some things, like it's the smallest known bacterium. When it does give symptoms they resemble an urinary infection; cloudy discharge when urinating and Stinging or burning when urinating.
The lucky winners of this bacteria generally get it from sex. Any kind of sex be it vaginal, anal, or oral. Even off of infected sex toys. The little bugger is not picky at all.
So how do you prevent it? Gee do you need to be told? People who practice safe sex are pretty much immune to this one.
Okay, you were a boob and did the deed without your handy dandy condom friend and got Mycoplasma genitalium. Ready for the cure? Go to the doctor and get a single dose or short course of antibiotics. That's it. Still by the time you know you have it there could be a little infertility going on. Next time go for the protection to be on the safe side.
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