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Johnette Napolitano- the only rock singer on Earth?

By Paul Wallis     Jun 11, 2007 in Entertainment
I don’t expect to do many music articles in the current state of readymix rock, let alone plugs for myspace. This is the woman you’d get to sing a mountain out of the way.
Like all true believers, she’s a bass player, and her voice would do credit to any good woofer on the planet. As a songwriter, she will go where others just don’t. Singing her songs as resident volcano with Concrete Blonde, her work grew like a tree. For sheer vocal power, she’s music’s answer to nuclear weapons. Her versions of other people’s material are also unique. The real seminal work for Concrete Blonde was “The Bloodletting”, including the monumental “Tomorrow Wendy”, done at a time when relevance was the last thing on anyone’s minds.
As a singer, she leaves the guys for dead. Most people don’t have either the musical guts or the ability to sing like this.
Concrete Blonde split, and for years the fans kept up a running commentary on her news. Have to like an audience like that. Music has never been about geeks in suits. For once, I can recommend reading their comments on myspace; people really do love her.
The new album’s called Scarred. There’s a song called Chanson Noire on the myspace site which starts with “This is the sound of me falling apart.”
I sincerely hope not, Johnette.
If you’ve never heard her before, be prepared for the intensity and artistic content. “Emo” is nothing. is all music. I’m currently listening to something between Nina Simone and Lakota rhythm chant. She tends to be like that.
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