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UPDATE: Danielle Cramer's Captor Used Her To Make Pornographic Videos

By Pamela Jean     Jun 9, 2007 in Crime
Further details have come to light regarding the year long disappearance of Danielle Cramer. Police have seized homemade pornographic videos from her captors home. Videos which star Danielle and other girls. They had been posted to the Internet.
As a continued update to my stories posted here...........
15 year old Danielle told investigators that Adam Gault, aged 41, was holding her captive and using her to star in his amateur pornographic sex videos, many of which he would later post to the Internet.
Police said Danielle failed to return to her Bloomfield home in June 2006 and had been in Gault's control since then. Police also said evidence has surfaced that Gault went so far as to change Danielle's identity to hide her whereabouts. Sources Friday said Danielle was made to assume the last name of Murphy to conceal her identity.
Police are attempting to identify several other young girls that appear in the amateur videos. They are of poor quality, and were filmed in the Gault home. It was not clear as to whether Gault himself participated in the shows.
Bloomfield police confirmed Friday that authorities seized videotapes from Gault's home and found couches, bedding and a tripod at a commercial space that Gault rented in Bloomfield.
Investigators had been watching Gault for some time, and were armed with a search warrant and court ordered DNA kit when they arrived at the Gault home earlier this week. Nine months after Danielle's disappearance, her mother provided them with important evidence in the case, namely the young girls diary and a pair of her panties with a semen stain on them. The underwear had been sent to the state forensics lab, where a DNA profile was drawn. Police were going to collect DNA from Gault in to determine if there was a match, when the girl was discovered hidden in the small room beneath the staircase.
Danielle's personal diary indicated that a sexual relationship had developed between the two in November of 2005. Danielle had been employed by Gault in his dog grooming business, at which time he had introduced her to drugs and alcohol. He then began having sex with her. It was apparently this connection that caused Danielle to run away from home and take up residence with Gault.
In 2006, police had been summoned to a commercial space that Gault was leasing in Bloomfield. They had been called due to an argument between Gault and the landlord. At that time they discovered a couch, bedding and a tripod on the premises. Apparently the police did not consider this to be anything out of the ordinary, and left. Gault was later evicted from the space. The landlord told investigators when interviewed on Friday that Gault had been evicted for boarding dogs there, which was a direct violation of the lease, and that the animals had been mistreated. The landlord also stated that he had never seen any evidence of sexual activity on the premises during the time Gault had occupied the space.
Three other victims have come forward since the discovery of Danielle, all sharing similar stories. The general theme of their statements have all indicated that Gault was a man that "uses fear and intimidation to control people."
Such a sad story. It seems to me that Danielle's family just didn't care at all about this little girl. Her mother failing to give up such important evidence as the girl's diary and semen stained underwear for 9 long months, all the while her daughter is being sexually victimized by this sick man. Why on earth did it take her so long to turn over such crucial information? She could have been found so much earlier if this had been given to police the moment she disappeared!
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