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article imageA Short Glossary Of Digital Journal-isms

By RobotGod     Jun 9, 2007 in
I have compiled a short list of Digital Journal-isms. Some you may be familiar with. Others I hope will catch on. There are a whole lot of isms that go on in a place like this.
Most of you know what has come to be known as "Muse-isms". Mostly my smart ass remarks. Here is a list of other isms that happen day to day here at DJ.
Flying Franklin. As in "I don't give a Flying Franklin." That one was mine. Named for Tea L. aka Franklin, our resident turtle journalist.
"You been Hogged" Or Hogg-tied. This is from awhile back, when content was monitored on the articles and Chris would step in for newbies saying such things as, "Good article dude, but I noticed you have been getting downvoted. I hope you don't mind, I have a few suggestions. Do you like my hair?" Then he turned 15 and went on to better things.
You should be seeing Chris directly to your left.
GTL. This is a recent development. The letters are a combination of Gotthescoop and Lensman. When they debate religion, it is like the most vile passionate lovemaking by old people bodies I have ever seen. Come on, we all know they are in love. So from now on, when they get steamy, I will be referring to them as GTL.
Sup-vote? In other words, why no upvote love?
Cheney. Phree coined the phrase for the male Penis by using the name of another penis in politics.
Good Find! That means you made an extra 15 cents. Good boy/girl.
Throwing an Amarant. Throwing a fit, or to rant. Named after Amaranth. Just sounded cool.
Jag-Hags. A weird phenomenon. Jaguar is very open about sexual stuff here and I have noticed that some males tend to gravitate towards her because of it, like groupies. These are Jag-Hags.
Geraldos. People who only post one kind of story. In this case crime stories that get you all depressed. This is what I will be calling them.(Don't get all mad. This is supposed to be funny).
Top Finds. Hey David. Yeah Chris? We get to make a video again. Pretty soon no one is ever gonna beat us up again.
Phree-basing. When all the conspiracy talk begins to make sense.
IMG SRC=STFU When users go picture happy constantly and talk in very few words. This is the email that some users use when they need to complain to Chris about every little thing that is really a non issue. The man is busy...geeze.
STFU The response he sends back. But it usually reads more like "Thank you for letting me know. I will look into the matter. We all want a great site..."
Well, the list is by no means complete. Feel free to add to it as the situations arise. I am always glad to help.
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