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Joost Vs Babelgum

By Chris V. Thangham     Jun 9, 2007 in Entertainment
Babelgum releases desktop TV client, has a number of channels similar to Joost, but not enough content or content providers. It is backed by FASTWEB founder Silvio Scaglia. TechCrunch said Babelgum is poor man's Joost.
Babelgum has pushed itself public yesterday. On the surface it looks very similar to its more famous competitor, Joost. Both are P2P IPTV applications that let you flip through channels and shows streamed to your computer.
According to TechCrunch, both perform the same and are backed by big clients and financing. Joost is backed by Skype and Kazaa founders Niklas Zenstrom and Janus Friis and has so far received $45 million dollars in financing. Babelgum is founded by FASTWEB founder Silvio Scaglia with $13.2 million dollars invested so far.
Babelgum Interface
Joost Interface
Compared to Joost, Babelgum doesn’t have a lot of providers only has limited content available from Associated Press and National Geographic. Babelgum said it will be adding more but I doubt it will reach Joost’s content provider numbers. Joost already boasts Viacom, CNN, Sony and NHL, plus CBS and Viacom are also investors in Joost. So Joost will be getting more programming from them compared to Babelgum. I browsed a few videos in there, they are of good quality but not enough content like TechCrunch had said.
Both have unique desktop player, Joost is better of the two in browsing videos, Babelgum is in beta stage, so expect some difficulties early on. Joost allows the user to skip videos, forward and backward, while Babelgum can be played only serially. There is no social aspects, no chat options and widgets available in Babelgum compared to Joost’s. The video qualities are comparable to Joost. But one user said when they tried to watch Babelgum videos in High Definition the quality of the video degrades.
Overall TechCrunch said Babelgum feels like a poor man’s Joost. It has a long way to go before it can be compared at the same level of Joost. Even Joost has to improve a lot, I see same set of videos in Joost and not many choices are available yet as promised before.
I received a Babelgum invite and downloaded the client, it appears on the outside similar to Joost. If either of them could replace Windows Media Player it will be great.
Have you seen both Joost and Babelgum? If so leave your comments, which one you prefer and why?
If you want either a Joost invite or a Babelgum invitation click here, both requires first and last names and e-mail address.
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