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article imageEdge Brownie Pan - an Edge in every Brownie

By Chris V. Thangham     Jun 8, 2007 in Lifestyle
Edge Brownie pan is a patented product by Baker's Edge. This new pan helps to create an edge in every brownie that is created in the pan unlike the previous one which has only four clear edges.
This is a new baking pan created by Baker’s edge. Everyone like to have the edge brownies more than the central ones, the crunchier part. In the old flat pan there are four edges only, whereas with the new one you get edges in every brownie as shown in the picture below.
Some of its main features are:
* Two delicious, chewy edges on every brownie or bar cookie (individual serving)
* 70% more edge (side) surface area than a conventional 9”x13” pan (you can see the demo here illustrating this and other features)
* Sized to fit most box mixes with no adjustments necessary (no modifications in the recipes is necessary)
* Perfect for moist and chewy brownies, bar cookies, and breads
The Edge Brownie pan is a patented product has interior sidewalls that circulate heat evenly throughout the pan. So there are well cooked brownies throughout the pan. It has premium nonstick coating and round, easy to clean corners, so there are no worries because of the additional edges inside the pan. The pan costs $34.00 and comes with a custom mini spatula and recipe book.
It is not even holiday season yet, but I am sure this will be a big seller. I am going to buy one, and I have some excellent brownie recipes from my friends which I would like to try it on.
Do you like this new model?
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