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A promising cure for baldness might be on the horizon

By Laura Trowbridge     Jun 8, 2007 in Health
Men who are hair challenged may have reason to celebrate soon. Researchers have identified a mechanism that makes dormant genes re-awaken. They have successfully now created new hair cells on bald spots in mice.
The researchers discovered they could regenerate hair in mice "at the site of a deep skin wound via molecular processes similar to those used in embryonic development."
This exciting research could be very promising not only for baldness, but for wound healing and regeneration as well.
Dr George Cotsarelis, of the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine, who led the study, said the findings dispelled the dogma that hair loss is permanent in people and other mammals, and once they are lost new hair follicles cannot grow.
The only difference in the newly regenerated hair on the mice was the color. These brown haired mice had new white hair grow in.
Dr. Cotsarelis is hoping the white hair seen in the mice test subjects will not be a factor in humans. He said our human pigmentation system is different from what the mice have.
Even if the hair does happen to grow in white, I would think it would still be a happy solution to men who hate being bald. Hair dye can easily be bought, after-all!
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