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Op/Ed Your Monthly Rant: Regurgitated and Celebretard News

By Samantha A. Torrence     Jun 7, 2007 in
Are you tired of news about the news? Have you noticed that most news sources are other news papers? Are you sick of Celebrity News? Isn't it about time we hold the news to the quality it used to be?
January 31st was a horrible day for me. I found out my brother was killed in a car accident, and I was heart broken. During the week that followed I was exposed to the most disappointing view of the media there ever was. My brothers death was a blurb in the local newspaper, more over they had most of the information wrong. Where he lived, who his family was, where he died, and pretty much everything was not confirmed by the family. I followed the news to its misinformed source, and wrote letters that would shame each and every reporter all the way down the long line to the reporter who originated the report.
The reporters cited their only source as the paper before them. I call this style of reporting "regurgitated news." It seems that I find people do less and less research into their own news stories and simply report on a previous story. This is not journalism. Journalism is used when a person finds a story, researches it, confirms their source and their information, then reports upon it in a fresh way that grabs a readers attention.
Here on Digital Journal I have found a remarkable amount of regurgitated news. Honestly it is rather disappointing, especially when the people reporting receive more upvotes than someone who puts time and effort into a story. Should people be rewarded for this type of medium rare reporting?
I did an experiment about a month back and decided to try reporting on Celebrity News. Now, I find news about Hollywood and the music industry to be fun fluff, but some of these stories are about nothing and receive 12-17 votes? Anyway I wrote and lo and behold, votes. Yet I have written some important stories about politics that get barely noticed. 101 views and not one upvote today until CGull so graciously swooped down to save my poor drowning article. What people find important nowadays is shameful. Here is a newsflash, if you want celebrities to quit holding power over you or the news, IGNORE them. That's right, much like Queen Mab in the movie "Merlin" if you ignore them they will cease to exist.
I vow from now on to stop any bit of regurgitating on my part, and put time and effort into my stories. Even if I do write only two paragraphs you had best believe they will be filled with confirmed news. I hope and pray everyone else does the same.
Oh and might I add, I will no longer be voting or commenting on any celebrity news unless it is news about David Bowie. Thank you.
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