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Op/Ed: “A Letter to the Unwashed Masses from the Overclass on Mount Olympus”

By Squidny     Jun 7, 2007 in Lifestyle
Candid sentiments from the Aristocracy, explaining why Paris Hilton or any other member of the overclass will never suffer the same “justice” as a common serf or non "blue-blood."
“Dear noble peasants,
We are your betters. Our descendants, who will inherit our vast wealth and privilege, will more than likely also be your children, and your grand-children's betters. And although we are only one percent of the population, we have amassed ninety percent of the wealth. And as such, the laws that exist only truly apply to the unwashed masses that are the foundation of the pyramidal class structure, of which we are at the apex.
The laws, the police, indeed even whole criminal “justice” system exists merely to protect we the aristocracy from you who comprise the proletariat. On occasion, some of us like to descend from our palatial estates that reside on high at Mount Olympus and “mingle” among you lesser mortals. And occasionally, one of our more careless members or their silver-spoon fed progeny will infringe upon the “laws” which many of you believe form the framework of society.
The more naïve amongst you, perhaps believing in “due process,” when awaiting to see an equal measure of justice meted out when one of our illustrious brethren are indeed found guilty of some arbitrary infraction or another, instead feel disappointment or outrage when we, to use a serf colloquialism - “thumb our nose” at and otherwise make a mockery of your precious system. Did you not know that we are above your “system?”
What you believe to be the “system,” is but to us a carefully crafted optical illusion of which we control the resolution. There really are only two classes – those who are in possession of the generations spanning legacy of tremendous wealth and privilege, and those who are not. In other words, the latter is most of you. So do not protest too much when one of our princesses like Paris Hilton urinates on your “justice” system. After all, we have always done this.
Remember our pawn Ronald Reagan’s “trickle down” economics policy in the 1980’s? You do know what was “trickling down” do you not? Yes, you guessed correctly, it was merely the overclass relieving ourselves…And yes, we will continue to do so whether it is in your courts, your seats of government, or the corporate boardrooms. We own society and buy our own “justice,” deal with it.
Most sincerely,
One of your Masters on Mount Olympus.”
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