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Modern Day Treasure Hunting in State Park

By Samantha A. Torrence     Jun 7, 2007 in Environment
You are walking along the path in a serene park, fields and trees can be seen in all directions. Suddenly a glint catches your eye and you discover a large diamond just laying on the ground before you. Seem impossible? Not if you go to the right place.
Crater of Diamonds State Park is host to thousands of guests throughout the year. Located in Arkansas, this park is unique and an attraction to modern day treasure hunters. The park was established in 1972 and allows people from all over the world the chance to find a rare diamond. Any diamonds found in the park are the property of the one who discovers it.
This past Tuesday a teenage girl found a 2.93 carat tea colored diamond she named the "Pathfinder Diamond."
The largest of the 25,000 diamonds found since the state park was established in 1972 was the 16.37-carat Amarillo Starlight, a white diamond found by a visitor from Texas in 1975.
The diamonds are typically found in the loose soil and require just a little digging to find. This year alone over 300 diamonds have been found. Although they are not as abundant since the diamond rush of 1906, the precious gems can still be found by amateur treasure hunters.
Crater of Diamonds State Park also offers other facilities, like pavilions and a water park.
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