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article image10 Green Websites You Should be Reading (Plus a Few I Like)

By Steve in the UK     Jun 6, 2007 in Environment
In the five minutes or so it will take you to read this article, more than 400 new blogs posts will have been created. That's around 120,000 per day. But if you're looking for that nice green blog to read, it might take some tracking down.
By the law of averages, you are going to come across at least one blog that's about the environment or sustainability. But just in case you don't, here are some environmental blogs worth checking out:
The first ten websites were selected by LighterFootstep.Com from a range of green-based blogs that had a Google PageRank of 5 or less. PageRank scores a website out of ten based on now much traffic the site gets and how much influence it has (how many people link back to a page on that site). So pages that have a rank of 5 or less are usually an up-and-coming site.
The first ten on to the following list are in alphabetical order, while the bottom four are just in a random order. (I added at the bottom).
01 Daily Fuel Economy Tip (Page Rank 4)
For those who own a car and want to reduce their carbon footprint but can't afford a Hybrid car.
From the website - What could be more relevant than "tips that help you increase your gas mileage and save money at the pump"? That's the mission statement of the Daily Fuel Economy Tip, a thoughtful, sharply focused deigned to help its readers navigate today's high fuels costs.
Blogger Brian Carr defers to the practical in his tips -- most of which you'll locate in his Categories archive. You'll also find a steady diet of news about gas prices to help you spot future trends. Brian was among the few Green bloggers to appreciate the silliness of last month's email-driven gasoline boycott and to suggest some effective alternatives.
Happy motoring!
02 Eco Chick (Page Rank 5)
From the website - Start with Eco Chick's self-described Raison d’Etre:
For too long environmental blogs have catered to men and moms. It was either diatribes about peak oil or recipes on how to make organic baby food. When all the rest of us want to know is: Where can I get a fair trade spanking paddle? Eco Chick can fill you in!
Eco Chick is a women's blog -- but primarily in the sense that it's a smart, sassy Green blog which happens to be written by smart and sassy women. There's a city vibe to the articles, and you're as likely to find something on alternative medicine as alternative energy.
A great read, with plenty of girl attitude.
03 ecorazzi (Page Rank 5)
From the website - ecorazzi describes itself as "the latest in green gossip," and that's just what you get.
Who are the celebrity environmental heroes? Who are the villains? Track every stray pronouncement on the environment by the likes of Leo DiCaprio, Daryl Hannah, Ed Begley, Jr., and Al Gore. Fawn over George Clooney's newest all-electric vehicle. Cringe as John Travolta lectures average families about green living while he logs 30,000 hours a year in his personal fleet of private jets. It's all on ecorazzi.
It's People magazine for the Green set -- without all the wasted trees. A guilty pleasure you needn't feel too guilty about.
04 Frugal for Life (PR 4)
From the website - Of the Three Rs -- reduce, reuse, and recycle -- it's probably "reduce" that gets the least attention.
Enter Frugal for Life, your guide to simpler living. You'll find helpful hints on everything from cooking cheaply to tracking down free entertainment. Here at Lighter Footstep, we really appreciate Frugal for Life's emphasis on the practical.
Squash your junk mail. Make better brownies. Fix your cracked dishes. Drop Frugal for Life into your daily reading list -- and simplify, simplify, simplify.
05 Green Options (Page Rank 5)
From the website - Green Options is a well-written, well-run "big box" green site that tries to cover all the bases.
With veteran Treehugger/Sustainablog blogger Jeff McIntire-Strasburg at the editorial helm, Green Options is a good place to keep track of what's going on in the Green community. With assignment writers covering beats such as biofuels, green transportation, sustainable building practices, and alternative energy, you won't be missing important stories.
We work closely with Green Options these days, exchanging articles and writers each Wednesday. They have a strong staff, a lot of passion for what they do, and a good sense for what's hot. A real winner, and a Lighter Footstep favorite.
06 Jetson Green (Page Rank 4)
From the website - Jetson Green is the best Green building blog on the planet.
Preston Koerner was tracking eco-friendly, energy saving construction techniques long before the mainstream press discovered green roofs and LEED certification. If you're interested in how homes and businesses are going to look five years from now, start following Jetson Green.
Preston's site is bursting with great resources: links, feature articles, videos, and news. Whether you're interested in green skyscrapers or finding some way of trimming a little off your home energy bills, Jetson Green is a good place to start. Always informed, freshly updated, and well-written.
07 Maria Energia (Page Rank 5)
From the website - If you follow Green Options (PR 5), you're probably already acquainted with Maria Surma Manka.
She's GO's energy guru. From the hydrogen economy to solar power, Maria follows the path to clean, renewable power while demonstrating ample energy of her own.
You'll find more of Maria's work on Maria Energia, her personal site. Maria Energia highlights companies and innovations are moving us to a more secure energy future. In the best blogging tradition, Maria's writing is informed and concise. If you're interested in energy issues, you owe yourself a visit.
08 No Impact Man (Page Rank 5)
From the website - He's the guy who gave up toilet paper.
Ah -- now you know him. Colin Beavan and his family live in the heart of New York City. Last February, they began a year-long quest to radically reduce their net environmental impact. Trying to live "off the grid" as much as possible -- right in the middle of the city -- Colin and family began to scale back their lives in stages. One of those stages jettisoned disposable paper products, including ... well, you know.
And that's what eventually caught the media's interest. Being the no-toilet paper guy is probably frustrating for Colin, but it draws eyeballs to his site, No Impact Man. The Beavan family is actually pushing the sustainability envelope pretty hard, and their successes and failures can help guide our own experiments.
09 The Sietch Blog (Page Rank 4)
From the website - First, a refresher on the vocabulary of Frank Herbert's Dune books: a sietch is a settlement on the desert planet Arrakis. Water is wealth there, and the communities are self-sufficient havens in a hostile world. A naib is a leader of the sietch. There -- we've explained the title of the Sietch Blog and the pen name of its primary author.
Here's what is different about the Sietch Blog: the writing is substantial. Articles are really articles, not blog-length blurbs. There's thought and depth. The Naib conducts some great interviews with people who actually have something to say. There are very few fluffy pieces, product reviews, or one-liners.The Sietch is quality stuff, even if you never managed to wade through the Dune trilogy.
10 Vegetarian Meal Plans (Page Rank 3)
I'm not a vegetarian, but I do like a good Mediterranean quiche for lunch on a hot summer's day, so a website with loads of great recipes has to be in one of my bookmarks.
From the website - Want to see why Vegetarian Meal Plans is different from the hundreds of veggie sites on the Internet these days? Click here.
Yeah, that's a five-day meal plan. With a shopping list. Talk about making it easy.
If you're thinking about trying vegetarianism and are looking for some help getting started -- or if you're already a vegetarian and are looking for convenient, balanced entree ideas -- Vegetarian Meal Plans is a great stop before you plan your weekly shopping. Browse tempting recipes like DIY Sushi Cones and Edamame or Tempeh and Pepper Fajitas, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Green Salad with Mango-Chili Vinaigrette.
According to these are the top 10 green websites. I would also add the following:
11 Lime.Com (PR 6)
A great blog site for healthy living. It's not only about technology but about the person, too. It contains loads of helpful ideas and other people's opinions, as the Lime community can also post on the site.
From the website - At LIME, we built a place where you can find all the ideas, information and resources to inspire you to live healthier and help make our planet greener - and have some fun while you're at it.
We're all about simplicity and community. We thrive on the explosive opportunities we all have to connect our lives, ideas, thoughts and inspirations in today's new online and mobile world. From a network of bloggers expressing their opinions and interests to our LIME community members and staff of editors...our content is a living, breathing thing where all views are welcome and information is shared.
12 off-Grid.Net (PR 5)
Have you ever wondered how to live without having to own or rent a place that is connected to all the main utilities like gas, electric, water, sewage? This site helps you to work out how to live in a cabin in the mountains, or a hut on the beach. It also has some great gadget's even for people who are on-grid.
From the website - off-grid is for those who want to unplug, relax and feel at home anywhere on the planet, whether they are in an office, the back of a camper van, walking through a forest or meditating in a city park.
Strictly speaking, "off-grid" means places or buildings or gizmos that work without mains water or power. Shepherds huts in the mountain, canal-boats or camper vans may have power and water - but not piped in by the big utility companies.
It's about making better use of what's available for free.
13 Hugg.Com (PR 6)
If you are familiar with Digg.Com, then this site won't be a stretch. I call this the green version of Digg.
From the site - Hugg is a new project by TreeHugger —a source for user-generated green news. What does this mean? It's simple—how many times have you found an article, a video or a website that you’ve wanted to share with all your green friends? Well, Hugg lets you to share this stuff with everyone. Plus, it lets other users rate shared stories by Hugging them. All posts start out in the queue. Each time a story is Hugged, it climbs the ranks. If a story gets enough Huggs, it jumps up to the front page where it can be seen by everyone who visits. Step by step instructions on how to add your news is found on the Submit page. Hugg is a place to post and harvest the latest on green architecture, transportation, fashion, alternative energy, politics, products and technology. It's green media, by you, for you!
14 Treehugger (PR 7)
It's on here just because it's TreeHugger...
From the website - TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, we strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information. At TreeHugger we know that variety is the spice of life, so you can find all you need to go green in our up to the minute blog, weekly and daily newsletters, weekly video segments, weekly radio show and our user-generated blog, Hugg. We also extend our expertise to companies looking for a little green guidance. Past clients include Domino, Sundance Channel and House & Garden.
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