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article image120 rats, 25 rabbits, a dog, six parakeets, a quail and a cockatiel Almost sounds like a strange Christmas carol

By patxxoo     Jun 5, 2007 in Lifestyle
81-year-old Wanda Langstom ended up with more than she could handle, she started out with only two rats and ended up with 120 of them, 25 rabbits, a dog, six parakeets, a quail and a cockatiel.
In Los Angeles, CA. a person responded to a newspaper ad regarding a rabbit. The person went to the home of Wanda Langstom and was shocked at the deplorable condition of the home. The person then tipped the Animal Services Anti-Cruelty Task Force about the living conditions.
Once inside, the person saw all the cages and how the situation was bad for both the animals and the resident.
Most of the animal were caged but there were a few out loose. Wanda said she had started with only two but somehow it got out of hand and she quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of pets that she ended up with.
At 81 years of age I can see where she would get overwhelmed by that many animals, anyone would. That's way too many for any one person to try to handle on there own.
Most of the animals indeed were in a healthy condition but two of the rabbits did need medical care and are being treated by veterinarian.
Wilma also ended up needing medical treatment herself as she had open sores and wounds on her arms that are attributed to her animals, she was taken to the hospital for treatment.
All the animals ended up being seized and are currently up for adoption at the San Pedro at the Harbor Animal Care Center the number is (213)485-8755 if you would like to make a good home for any of these animals.
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