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German serial rapist gets life, no parole before serving 25 years

By patxxoo     Jun 5, 2007 in Crime
He plunges a knife into the chest of his fourth victim then drives to the hospital to be with his wife for the birth of his son. The victim he left for dead near a highway, somehow managed to survive.
Marco Metzler aged 29 a truck driver that admitted to the sexual abuse of four women while they were alive and also after he had killed them in 2003 to 2006.
Two of the women he killed were prostitutes that he lured into his truck. Two others were a 31 year old woman and a schoolgirl that was eighteen that he overpowered at night. These crimes were said to be almost unbelievable in the brutality that he used against these women.
An insanity ploy was tried but it was rejected by the German court of Limburg.
In a miraculous instance the fourth victim aged 25 somehow survive his attack and also him stabbing her in the chest. He left her near the highway thinking she was dead to go be with his wife and hold her hand during the birth of his son.
Three murders, one attempted murder and multiple rapes is what he was finally convicted of. His sentence is supposedly to be for life with a rider attached to it stipulating that he cannot get paroled before spending 25 years in prison. After that preventative detention is supposed to be reviewed following that time.
My question is this, just why would this man ever be up for parole if he is sentenced to life? Someone like this should never be allowed back out on the streets. Life in prison should mean life.
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