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Boy Dies in Komodo Dragon Attack

By KJ Mullins     Jun 4, 2007 in World
A young boy out with his family became the first human death by a Komodo Dragon in 33 years. The incident took place Saturday on Komodo island.
The youngster had gone behind a bush to use the washroom when the giant lizard grabbed him by the waist. An uncle threw stones at the beast who dropped the eight year old. He died a half hour later from massive blood lose.
Fewer than 4,000 of the world's largest lizards exist. They only live wildly in a small archipelago in eastern Indonesia. People have been living side by side the beasts for years without an incident until the Saturday death.
Game wardens are searching for the dragon.
Komodos can grow to a length of 10 feet and weigh up to 365 pounds. Their bite is lethal. The bacteria that their harbour in their mouth is just one way that they take down their prey. They also have 60 serrated teeth that can be as large as an inch.
Thousands of tourists visit the remote island a year to see the dragons in their environment. The visitors are lead around the island by guides who carry large forked sticks to ward away the Komodo Dragon.
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