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article imageHuman Growth Hormones: Try Something Useless, Expensive and Dangerous

By Paul Wallis     Jun 3, 2007 in Sports
If you want a choice of risks, the difference between attacking yourself with a hammer and using hormones is that the damage from the hammer can be treated. The hormones may be fatal.
New clinical findings by the Australian Garvan Institute indicate that HGH has no effect on sports performance. That’s an important debunking of yet another sports chemistry myth. It’s also a further proof that nutrition and sports medicine aren’t for amateurs.
The danger with hormones, generally, is that they are like triggers for human biology. The body uses a mix of hormones as regulators of its functions. HGH has some very nasty possibilities. “Growth” includes cancers. One of the primary factors in tumor formation is that a growth inhibition hormone fails. HGH would be the last thing a sufferer would need. Opinions vary about the ability of HGH to actually cause cancer, but it seems nobody is too keen to discount the possibilities.
The use of hormones in sport has an element of black comedy. Testosterone is now a hormone of choice, rather ironic in view of the fact that the steroid industry is the most likely cause of lower testosterone levels. Testosterone, taken in some forms, is said to occasionally cause actual psychotic episodes.
Watch the space between the ears of your local jocks for the next breakthrough in pseudo-medicine. You want hormones, grow your own.
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