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article imageOP-ED: How Far is Too Far? When Technology Gets To Close

By KJ Mullins     Jun 3, 2007 in Technology
How far do we want to go? Honestly, is there a stopping point where we say that's it? I love the ideals behind the new streetview of Google. Being able to see the street you are looking for is great. Except........
What if you were say picking your nose when no one was looking......and the world saw it.
As we get better and faster at programs like StreetView and the like that will crop up quickly behind it what rules will be there? Any?
Will young boys be searching streets to get some eye candy? Will the girls be checking out the football practice? Will the stalkers be watching your every move?
"This imagery is no different from what any person can readily capture or see walking down the street," Google spokeswoman Megan Quinn said in a statement. "Imagery of this kind is available in a wide variety of formats for cities all around the world."
That is true. This imagery is all over. And most sources I hope would be intelligent about how it is shared. The chance of checking on a scene and getting a quick real time nude should be pretty slim. But will it be in the future?
File photo
We know the technology exists to find anyone quickly if the government wanted. Satellites can beam down and show images of backyards and look into windows. We aren't Smallville anymore, even when we are Smallville. The techno guys have created gizmos and gadgets that looked like freaky sci-fi things to people watching shows in the 60s.
So where do we stop?
Or do we just say the heck with it and all become Peeping Toms?
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