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Maxim Top 100 Review

By Samantha A. Torrence     Jun 4, 2007 in Entertainment
Every year Maxim magazine fans wait in anticipation for the Maxim Top 100 to grace the shelves of the local magazine stands. This is one issue men cannot claim is for the articles!
The Top 100 comes along with the regular magazine and is pages of babes in all their busty, sexy, naughty glory.
Every year you can always be guaranteed controversy over the number one bombshell, but this year was even more of a surprise. To understand why we must look at the top 10 so here they are guys. Make sure to stare at the bust area for at least 10 minutes, it will help prolong your life!
10. Fergie
One of the Black Eyed Peas, this beauty has not only stormed the music industry with hotness, but has taken a turn on the big screen in Grindhouse. If I could move my body like Fergie my husband would be a happy man!
9. Eva Longoria
Two time former #1 of the Maxim Top 100. This petite piece of lusciousness has been turning heads on Sunday Nights as Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives.
8. Rihanna
Definitely a beauty but no as popular as some of the other Top 100. How did she beat out Angelina Jolie?
7. Eva Mendes
Intelligent, Talented, and Hot. What else could a man ask for? How about the fact that she plays opposite Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider. Comic Book Geeks are so in their glory...
6. Ali Larter
She turned heads in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and now she is doing it again in the new popular CW series Heroes. Ali will be gracing the screen for years to come. Thank you Ali!
5. Jessica Biel
What is not to love about this former 7th Heaven Star? This girl has got one kicking bod which is in its full glory in Blade: Trinity. Look for her in I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry starring along side Adam Sandler.
4. Christian Aguilera
From Dirty Girl to Candy Girl, this girl takes the cake. She has got gams that make men weak, but put those tongues away boys, she is taken.
3. Scarlett Johansson
This piece of eye candy deserves her spot and number three. Her luscious lips have earned her the role of the Black Dahlia and a principle love interest in The Prestige. She definitely works her magic on and off the screen as the face for Louis Vuitton.
2. Jessica Alba
This beauty should never grace the pages below Top 10. With a body that any woman ( let alone man) would die for, moves that have moves, an exotic look, and lips that put Angelina Jolie's to shame, she is in this girl's opinion the number one hottie of all time. She is also a mean cook!
1. Lindsay Lohan
Why? Dear God Why? Why Lindsay Lohan?!? Sure Lindsay is kinda cute, but not number one material. Perhaps to be number oneone must appear to be "muy facil." This just goes to show that men no longer find the demure mysterious woman who they need to work for "hot." Now they want a girl that will walk up to them, grab them in the crotch, and say "do me now."
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