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article imageGoogle image search recognizes faces

By Chris V. Thangham     Jun 1, 2007 in Internet
Google search recognizes just faces in image search.
Google Image Search can now tell the difference between a picture that has a face in it and one that doesn't. But don't get too excited. it can't tell one face from another.
When we search for images, we get all sorts of images, logos, people, buildings etc., but if we just want the faces instead of everything else, you can do it now with Google Image Search. It is similar in principal to Digital Cameras how it scans the area and focuses its lens on the faces rather than the surroundings. Google Image search separates the pictures into “people” and “not people” buckets.
This is how you to do it:
1. Do an image search say for example Lost in Translation
You will see pictures from the films, actors, buildings, roads etc.
2. Now do the search again by adding at the end of the URL: &imgtype=face and click here.
You will just see the faces of the actors in the movie. It is that easy.
In the article they used CNET as an example, when you search image search with the term “CNET” you will see a picture below:
With the “&imgtype=face” addition to URL, you will see the picture below with just the faces.
Google will add this facility in the search tool itself but for now you have to type the term &imgtype=face at the end of URL.
They can add buttons just below the Google search bar with only people option.
If you are looking for faces in Image search, try the above feature.
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