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How To Generate Traffic To Your Own Website Through Submitting Articles On The Web

By Michelle Duffy     Jun 1, 2007 in Internet
There are many websites which promise the world when it comes to generating more traffic to your own website or blog, but which are the best?
We are all writers here, some are professional, some are recreational and for the majority, we write because we want to inform, entertain and generally give our readers insight or at least something to think about whilst doing the ironing. However, what we really crave, is the money.
Wouldn't it be nice to give up the day job and sit around all day being pensive, thought provoking and informative to a whole host of readers who hang on your every word?
I have found, through my years of actually accomplishing just that, that the best publicity is through a website which will not only put your articles online but add on that ever so crucial credit information at the bottom of your work.
Ezinearticles is a good site to start with. I have found that many of my articles have gone on to be published in hundreds of places across the Internet. It generates traffic, and what is really important is that the traffic that comes to your website will be keen on the subject you chose to write about.
The key, I found is to write a good, informative and short biography about yourself which you are willing to have printed at the bottom of your work no matter who may download it from the website.
This short piece of film (above) will explain a little more about it.
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