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Baby Proofing 101

By KJ Mullins     Jun 1, 2007 in Lifestyle
We all know that when a new baby comes into the world we should baby proof the house. Safety covers are installed into our new parent brain.
But what about money? That penny on the floor can look like a tasty treat.
Here's some great real safety tips.
Have your hubby crawl around the floor. Why not you? One you may be a little to big. Two most new to be dads are as excited as a kid. That makes them better at seeing little things we may miss.
Turn down the heat on your water heater. That scalding hot bath you love could put an infant in a burn unit.
If your baby could get hurt or poisoned put it in an area that they have no access to.
Put away the glass tables. They are pretty but a disaster waiting to happen.
Invest in door latches at a level they can't reach but you can easily with an infant in tow.
Smoke detectors and monoxide detector is required. Call your local fire station and register that you have an infant in the house.
Little cute magnets should be put up until it's preschool art display time.
Have an emergency list of phone numbers on your fridge. Speed dial program them into your phone. Have a babysitter guide on your fridge. Trust me, all babysitters know where your fridge is.
Make sure your child monitor works. Make sure you have back up batteries.
Don't drink and tote baby. That's mostly for hot things like coffee.
The most important thing to ALWAYS remember. NEVER leave an infant or toddler alone in the bathroom. They can drown in an inch of water.
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