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Sex Offenders To Stay Out Of Prison And On The Streets Says Police Chief

By Michelle Duffy     Jun 1, 2007 in Crime
UK police chief says sex offenders should get support instead of a spell in the slammer
Mr Jim Gamble is the chief of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has stirred up mixed emotions when he suggested that people who just simply view child pornography should not be sent to jail, but given support within the community instead.
In a different, and probably harder to swallow approach for some parents, Gamble sees that a way to letting these people work through their problems is far more productive that shoving them in prison. he has said that he feels this would be a better and far more effective way to conquer the crime as a whole.
The CEOP, which is only it it's second year in operation, was launched initially to crack down on the increasingly worrying crime of child abuse in and around Britain.
The campaign has since proved to be a productive success as over 2,000 calls have been received in that time of child exploitation.
However, Mr Gamble's recent comments on alternative ways to tackle the crime have fallen on sore ears. In particular, it has been the children charities who have complained the most.
Yet in response to this, he said that there were already strong policies in operation which could track anyone looking at a child pornography website.
Such people have totaled 700, in Operation Ore, all found guilty and convicted for viewing these sites over the Internet.
Mr Gamble told BBC news teams of his idea to reform the policy so far. He said,
"Not everyone does go to prison at the minute. Let's make sure the right people go to prison and let's manage the rest in a way that protects our children best. We shouldn't be sending everyone that ever commits an offence - particularly of the viewing kind - to prison. There are people who have been dealt with by police caution who can be dealt with successfully in a way that allows them to maintain their lives and their families."
He also stated that there was a distinct difference between viewers of child sex websites and those who actually attack and rape children. What he also said was that there was a point where a sex offender starts and it is usually with just looking at pictures. He said that if the system could encourage them to get help at that point, it would crack down on stronger offences, like a deck of cards falling to the ground after the bottom one has been pulled away.
He said,
"If you're an offender, our message to you today has developed to a stage whereby we're saying 'for goodness' sake, go and get help before you get caught'."
As it is also a case where we can stumble across such material without knowing it, the change should stop throwing these people into the court room who are genuinely, innocent...
It is an argument which will still force communities to take the law into their own hands and even more so if the policy changes to this...
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