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article imageTeacher Accused Of Love Affair With Student

By Brandigal (Donna)     May 31, 2007 in Crime
Another teacher/student love affair. This one is a female teacher and a young male student who had been sexually molested in the past by another family friend.
Janet Parker,26, an 8th grade school teacher from Texas is now charged with 23 different charges counts ranging from 9 charges of sexual performance by a child, 3 charges of sexual assault of a child and 11 charges of possession of child pornography 3rd degree felony. The DA believes she was having sexual intercourse with the child.
The child, a former student of hers at Center Middle School in Texas.
She had been seen walking in the mall hand in hand with the child which is considered inappropriate behavior between a teacher and her student.
Lynda K. Russell, Shelby County District Attorney, first met with Janet after someone contacted KSLA News, to claim that the teacher was sexually involved with a student. At the time, she did not have enough evidence to charge her but was satisfied when Janet resigned from her job.
But 3 weeks ago, the victims cell phone was taken by school officials and a provocative picture was found on the phone. She was semi nude draped in a rebel flag laying on the bed. Russell said the picture was very inappropriate and so they decided to investigate further.
The Sheriff took a search team to her home where they found a lot of inappropriate pictures of the teacher taken by the child. The victim admitted to taking the pictures of his teacher. He also gave a written statement saying he had sex with the teacher.
Parker's ex husband identified her in the pictures and also said he seen the student at the house several times doing yard work.
What is even worse about this story is, the victim was molested in the past by a family friend. The friend, Roy Bullock, Jr was found guilty and is still in jail for the crime against this child.
The DA said she will not be offering strict probation to Janet Parker, that is not an option in this case.
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