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article imageDeportation order for child born in Canada

By Brandigal (Donna)     May 31, 2007 in Lifestyle
A 14-month-old girl, a Canadian citizen, is being deported on June 18 with her mother, Hong Zhang, an unsuccessful refugee claimant who came to Canada in 1997.
Hong Zhang,39, came to Canada in 1997. She had a baby while in Canada. Her baby girl, Sherry Zhang, was born in Canada and is 14 months old.
Hong has been told she cannot stay in Canada and will be deported to China with her daughter.
She had once considered putting her daughter up for adoption but changed her mind after she was told the child would be put up for adoption as an abandoned child if left behind, but she wanted the girl to sponsor her back to Canada some day.
She also had several men offer to marry her but even if she accepts one of the offers, she would still have to go back to China and apply to come back.
She said "I'm so scared for my baby's future ... she isn't eligible for an education or health care in China." "I am very sad and scared. I don't know where I will stay. My parents are mad at me because I had a baby out of wedlock,"
She had to give the Brampton immigration officer her daughters Canadian passport.
She is hoping they will allow her to stay in the country long enough for application to stay on humanitarian grounds to be reviewed. That process could take up to 30 months.
Roy Kellogg, Zhang's counsel and a member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants said Since 2003, the Canada Border Services Agency has had 17,000 applications to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds, but hasn't rendered a decision on a single one. "We are just hoping that immigration officials won't let a child go to a country where she will be denied an education.
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