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Gay pickup bar refuses to serve woman

By Brandigal (Donna)     May 30, 2007 in Lifestyle
A woman has filed a human rights discrimination complaint against a gay bar in Montreal because they would not serve her a beer with her father.
A bar called Le Stud in Montreal's gay village refused to serve a woman, Audrey Vachon, 20, who went into the bar for an afternoon drink with her father. She claims a waiter came over and told her father that women are not served in the bar.
The owner, Michel Gadoury, said women have been banned from the bar most nights since it opened 11 years ago.
He said "We're not discriminating, women have the right to come on certain days," "It's a choice, it's a choice that my clients make, that they ask me to make, and we're respecting them."
Audrey said she would be the first one to complain if homosexuals were refused service at a business.
At first she thought it was a bad joke but the waiter would not even look at her. She left without saying a word because she was shocked, humiliated, embarrassed. She felt like she did something wrong.
The bar looks normal on the outside. It has pool tables and video poker games just like any other bar but instead of the usual hockey games on at most bars, Le Stud on most nights will show gay porn.
One travel website said "Le Stud is the best place in town for a truly manly meat market."
The bar is known for its sadomasochistic fetishists where the bar's slogan is "a men's bar where men love men."
The gay travel web site, said "There's lots of action, too, at Le Stud,"the bar is known as one of Montreal's most heavily cruised locations with "two pool tables that see plenty of action" and frequent leather events.
In the phone books yellow pages it says "If you're troubled at the thought of two men kissing, go somewhere else,"
An owner of another gay bar in the area, Peter Sergakis, said Le Stud has to get with the times and allow customers to make their own choices.
"This should not be happening, it's like going back 20 years ago when the gays were intimidated in straight bars,"I'm sure the owner is going to change the habits. This is not acceptable in 2007."
In Australia this week, a gay hotel won the right to refuse homosexuals and lesbians. They won because they said it prevented insults and abuse directed at gays.
Hans Janiak of Quebec's gay chamber of commerce said this ban is no different than women banning men from women's gyms, strip bars that ban women and dance bars that only allow male-female couples.
So do you think she has a case? Is this the same as women banning men from gyms? Should the bar be allowed to ban women?
In my opinion, I think the bar does have a right. The bar is a gay bar for men, just like curves is a gym for just women.
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