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Sign My Yearbook -- Right Next to the Picture of Me Hitting the Bong Pipe

By Pamela Jean     May 30, 2007 in Lifestyle
So, what is considered appropriate content in a High School Year Book? Apparently the managing editor at this Colorado school felt photos of students smoking pot and holding up their DUI's for the camera worked well in documenting life at Conifer High.
Area parents were outraged when their children came home with the recently released yearbook.
Among the photos in question were a shot of 3 female students holding up their under age drinking citations under a heading called "Regrets and Mistakes", as well as a picture of students holding a bong, exhaling a cloud of smoke which was captioned "Health - Addicted Addictions".
"The point of the yearbook entirely is to cover what happens in the year," Hannah Fredrickson, yearbook editor, told KCNC TV. "You'd be surprised at how many children at Conifer High School smoke pot. I wanted to push more for a deeper side of Conifer, which, for a lot of students, is drugs and alcohol,"The Jefferson County School District has started an investigation as a result of so many parental complaints.Amy McTague, the teacher who supervises the yearbook production, sent a letter of apology to parents.
"It wasn't my intent or my students' intent to portray such a negative tone in their attempt to cover all aspects of a students' life and some of the very difficult choices they face," she wrote.
"My editor and I have discussed at length and have agreed that there was no balance on the pages that are of concern and that some elements are completely inappropriate. These issues detract from the many wonderful things that are included in this book."
I can't imagine how for even one moment this teacher could have felt that those photos would be appropriate for a school yearbook. Hey, we partied when I was in high school too, big time, but would I want pictures of the keggers I attended, or shots of my girlfriends clinging to the porcelain throne included in the "memories" section of my yearbook? No thanks. My kids used to look through mine and laugh at all the old fashioned kids pictured. I would have been horrified if they had found a shot of dear old mom holding up a can of Bud and looking tipsy.
What happened in high school, stays in high school!
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