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Donor Cards Across The EU In The Light Of TV Show

By Michelle Duffy     May 30, 2007 in Health
A new revolutionary, European donor card could be introduced very soon connecting all the member states together, medically.
It has been the brain child of the EU Health Commissioner, Markos Kyprianou, who came up with the idea to push the number of organs available for donation higher, giving people across the European countries not just a greater chance of transplant, but a better chance of survival.
In a recent survey, it showed that only 12% of most European residents didn't carry a donor card. This was quite a shock to the Health Commission, so heads were put together to raise the figure of people willing to carry one.
What was strange was although, through the survey, European people were all for the donor system, only a handful actually carried a card. Still, 40,000 patients across Europe are waiting for a transplant of some description, and what is perhaps even more shocking, is that 10 of those people will die every day just through waiting for a donor.
The plan will be to set out a simple set of guidelines which will have better control over supplying organs to the countries who need them most. The plan will also make use of donors who can give organs whilst still alive as well as create positions where people trained as 'transplant coordinators' will be given the sole job of handling the transport and requirement of organs.
The man behind the plan, Mr Kyprianou had this to say about the project,
"Organ donations save lives. A European organ donor card, and common EU standards on the quality and safety of organ donations and transplants, could secure a sufficient and safe supply or organs."
So, although 81% of the EU agree with the carrying of donor cards, it is still frowned upon in certain countries. It has come to light since the controversial reality TV show, aired this week, where a dying female patient will get to chose a recipient for her kidneys.
As already this has brought to the fore an acute awareness of importance of being a donor, many have argued that the show is in true bad taste and that medical science should not have to resort to such a desperate measure in transplantation.
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