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Sunset Tan- Sizzling Television

By queenbee88     May 30, 2007 in Entertainment
Sunset Tan promises to bring us into the exciting world of tanning salons. Daily. Is this really what are television viewing has come to?
From the producers who brought you 'Blow Out' and the E! channel comes 'Sunset Tan' the new television series that will bring you up close and personal into the world of a tanning salon. Come see it's daily workings. Look out for some of the A-list celebs who frequent this Los Angeles area tanning salon. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and more! E! describes the cast of this show as "unusual, colorful and somewhat dysfunctional." Sounds like daring reality TV right there.
Granted I saw the show clips on Talk Soup and have yet to see a full episode (premiere May 28 at 10:30 p.m. after the 'Simple Life') what I have seen has made me more than cringe. In one scene a mother pays for a $1300 dollar tanning package, just like Lindsay Lohan's, for her tiny under the age of ten year old daughter. The stars in the young girls eyes to look just like Lohan are scary. In another scene Britney Spears comes in for a spray tan. How is this an actual show?
When did shows surrounding daily occurrences like going tanning or to a hair salon, things we do on our own if we leave our homes, become TV shows we like to watch? Why is this acceptable programming? How can watching an episode which entails twins tanning their names on their bodies so their boyfriends can tell them apart become sufficient television? Who thinks of this tripe? It just wreaks of how low we are sinking in quality and what we'll just let into our minds and homes. Can't seem to actually go to a tanning salon yourself? Great! Just watch 'Sunset Tan!' It's just like the real thing!
Why go out when you can just stay in and watch life? Reminds me of a certain Black Flag song.
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