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Hit the Brakes, That's a Goldfish in the Road!

By Pamela Jean     May 29, 2007 in Lifestyle
What could cause a 5 car pile up on a major roadway you ask? How about a bag containing 2 innocent goldfish? Yep, that's right - hit the brakes! We wouldn't want Goldie to die a horrible death. Who cares about the family of 5 behind us.
Five people were injured, including 3 children, when the car they were travelling behind suddenly swerved. The reason for the mishap? A bag of goldfish in the middle of the road.
Yes, I am guilty. I have been driving along and had to suddenly stop for a family of geese, mother and 9 baby gooslings in tow. I always look up in my rear view mirror and thank the powers that be that no one rear ended me.
But, would I be so quick to hit the brakes for a bag of goldfish? My gut instinct is - not.
Mother Marianne Schmitt, 47, slammed on the brakes of her Fiesta when she spotted the bag in the road, but drivers behind her could not stop in time and five cars piled into each other.
The crash left 5 people hospitalized, though none are reported to be in serious condition.
The goldfish were transported by police to a nearby pet store. They are reported to be resting comfortably following this harrowing incident.
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