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article image100,000 Chinese die annually from passive smoking

By Chris V. Thangham     May 29, 2007 in World
More than 100,000 people die in China due to passive smoking and more than one million die due to smoking related diseases.
About 100,000 Chinese die annually from diseases associated with passive smoking while more than half a billion on the mainland suffer from the smoke exhaled from cigarettes, according to the Xinhua news agency.
The Ministry of Health reported this figure that more than 100,00 Chinese die from passive or secondary smoking and more than one million people die from smoking related diseases each year in China. In China there are more than 350 million smokers in a population of 1.3 billion. It is also the world’s largest tobacco producing and consuming country.
Many of the respondents nearly 35 percent were not aware of this passive smoking problem. They thought smoking had minimum impact on health if there was good ventilation inside the rooms.
"We hope the report can prompt authorities to institute and implement laws or regulations to prevent passive smoking inside public buildings," said Yang Gonghuan, deputy director of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
China Government has banned smoking on its public transportation, but no bans in many public places such as restaurants.
The Ministry of Health urges the cities that are going to host the Olympic events in 2008 to have tobacco-free environment.
Till now, China didn’t compile this statistics, hopefully this awareness will cause them to smoke less and introduce banning of smoking in public places like they do in North America and other countries.
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