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article imageImproved Design for Easier Navigation & Dedicated Website for Digital Journal TV

By Chris Hogg     Jun 6, 2007 in
After extensive amounts of feedback from users (both registered and casual readers), we've decided to flush out the category list on your left-hand side to show the editorial range and depth of the site, as well as make specific news easier to find.
You will also see a link to customize at the bottom of the category list -- this will allow you to choose the specific feeds that show up in your front page. If you tend to prefer Business, World and Technology news, you can select each of these categories to show up on the main page, without having to read news that doesn't interest you. You do not need to be registered to customize the news you see -- this feature is open to everyone.

Evolving Design

Our intention with design has always been to keep things simple. In introducing the category list, we've also given a face lift to the front page to look cleaner and showcase three articles in the good find spot on the front page. These articles are automated (voted there by you, Citizens and Citizen Journalists). We decided to feature more than one article so that more Citizen Journalists get exposure.
You also now have a My Account box on your top right-hand side where Citizen Journalists have links to My Account, Post News and a live display of earnings (if you aren't logged in you will see a link to Sign Up or Log in).

Spend Time on Intros

The intro of your story is what sells it. Recently many Citizen Journalists have been running eight-word intros that don't explain what the article is about.
From now on, we are enforcing a 175-character minimum (maximum 255 characters) to encourage writers to better explain their articles. This becomes especially important if your article makes the "good find" spot on the top of the page. When you are writing your article, you will notice a character counter in the intro box. If it's red, it means it's too short or too long.

Digital Journal TV

We've been dabbling a bit with video over the last few weeks, so with this feature upgrade we're launching a full-blown dedicated website as your one-stop spot for all Digital Journal TV segments. You will see a permanent link to Digital Journal TV on your left-hand side below the categories box.
Digital Journal TV is just getting off its feet and we'll be putting a lot of focus on programming and production.
From and editorial perspective, we will cover a variety of news topics, website-related fun features, mini-documentaries as well as dedicated technology coverage.
Digital Journal TV also currently carries a feed from Digital Journal's news site (top right-hand side) so that video junkies can also get their fix of top news items for each day.
If you have any ideas or segments you would like to see our Staff explore on Digital Journal TV, you can Contact Us.
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