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article imageU.S. Drunk Driving Deaths rise

By Chris V. Thangham     May 29, 2007 in Crime
Alcohol related deaths on US have rose to their highest level in 14 years to 17,941 in 2006.
The Transportation Department announced today that alcohol-related deaths on US have rose to their highest level in 14 years in 2006. The rates are high despite the fact that many campaigns were used against drunk driving. While the overall number of people killed in traffic crashes declined slightly to 43,000, still a high figure that can be brushed aside.
Transportation Department said the drunken driving deaths rose 2.4 percent to 17,941 after a slight decline the previous year, 2005. This death level is the highest since 1992 when 18,290 deaths were reported.
The drunken driving incidents account a majority of traffic deaths, 41 percent of 43,300 deaths. The annual deaths in traffic have been averaging 43,000 deaths.
Another figure that raises concern is the number of fatal deaths, 39,000 in 2006. Most of these victims, 55 percent were not wearing seat belts.
This might look less compared to the overall population, but still a high figure. The overall number of people injured in crashes is however a staggering 2.5 million.
It is still a somber fact, some accidents are not preventable, but drunk driving and wearing seat belts one can control. Hope they show some maturity instead of adding more to the statistics. I used to see Mothers Against Drunk Driving campaign a lot before, but I haven’t seen their ads or campaigns for a long time, maybe they can’t fight the likes of Budweiser, Coors, Miller.
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