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Boy, 8, forced to watch rape

By Steve in the UK     May 28, 2007 in Crime
A South African boy, from the Witbank, Mpumalanga Provincial, east of Johannesburg, was sleeping in the family's bedroom when 4 men broke in to the house, they tied other family members up and demanded money and firearms before raping the young mother.
The four men broke in though the bathroom window and first tied up the 44 year old brother of the mother before locking him in his bedroom, which was next to the families main bedroom. Although he tried to warn his sister and husband by banging his body against the adjoining wall it was to late for them to do anything to stop the men getting in to there room.
The husband was tied a knife was held to his wives throat as she was asked to hand over both money and firearms, every time the husband tried to talk he was silenced by one of the attackers, who were armed with a revolver and an Okapi knife.
Their 8 year old son and 3 month old baby where still in the room when the during this time. The 8 year old old later witnessed his mother being raped.
Even the local police said they where shocked by the attack
Provincial spokesperson Leonard Hlati said
"This was truly awful. I can't help but put myself in the position of this man and his son.
"For me, as a policeman, it was a terrible experience, and I have the utmost sympathy with the victim and her family.
"I shudder when I even think about it"
The rape took place at a small-holding in the Blesboklaagte area near Witbank in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The men got away with cellphones, a TV set, food and even took the babies nappies.
I hope this whole family gets provided with someone to talk too, if being rape wasn't bad enough to know that your son is being forced to watch must be horrible. I hope the family came though this.
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