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article imageMicrosft Claims Millionth Zune Sold

By Steve in the UK     May 28, 2007 in Lifestyle
This years Memorial Day is going to be remembered by Microsoft for after reason as it annouced that it had SOLD its millionth Zune, They had shipped their millionth unit some time ago.
The millionth Zune was not expected to be sold until sometime in June so the news came as a bit of a surprise to a lot of people.
This means that the Zune now has a 10 percent share of the recent market sales. The Zune is far behind the iPod in terms of total sales but the iPod has been around for over 5 years and as of April 2007 had sold 100 million units. Although the iPod still has a 69 percent share of the market it has dropped from a few years ago when its market share was once "everything minus the Zen and cheap trash"
The iPod is seen as a fashion statement by some people who will buy the latest version just because its a new color, this may explain why Microsoft as about to release a Red zune, and yes I know that some money from each sale will go to charity (AIDS research), but how many people who already have a Zune will go out and buy this red one just because its the latest fashion item? As Wired said it's "a devastating critique of how corporations wield social control through the aesthetics of MP3 players. Fight the power!"
So that just 99 million more sales to go to catch up with the iPod then, See story HERE
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