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article imageAustralian pub bars heterosexuals

By Leah     May 28, 2007 in Lifestyle
A gay pub in the city of Melbourne has won the right to ban heterosexuals.
This is the first time a bill like this has ever been passed in Australia. Not sure if it has actually been approved anywhere else in the world.
The reason they are claiming this needed to happen is so that straight men would not come there and abuse gay men . The question I ask is how many straight people would actually go there knowing they are not going to meet anyone of a different sex?
I can see this also causing a big problem with straight people getting mad they are being banished, and maybe retaliate against The Peel Hotel. I hope that does not happen.
There are more than 2,000 venues that cater to heterosexuals, and this was the only to cater to gay men. The pub feels that these gay men should be able to feel relaxed and at ease without the fear of intimidation or bullying. I agree. They are in private, and not harming no one, and if straight men go there, it will be only to do exactly what they are trying to avoid.
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