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A School Lesson Proves Hard To Swallow For Animal Lovers

By Michelle Duffy     May 28, 2007 in World
Not quite the education many of us would approve of in school, yet in Jacksonville, in the U.S, it was a lesson never to forget
A python seen here is allowed to be let loose on a unsuspected rabbit in a school science class in front of the pupils.
It was, I might add, a class which was taken after school hours and was voluntary for the audience, as you can see, not many children actually turned up wot watch.
The whole event, for want of a better term was organised and although many in the room watching did not approve, the teacher did make sure that no one was in any danger of being eaten themselves...
Please don't watch if you are the least bit upset about the idea.
Personally, I think that the class should not have taken place, the teacher and the handler should have been charged and parents warned.
The school has apologised.
Unfortunately, the rabbit was already dead to hear it...
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