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When is a Window Desk Worth $33 Million?

By Laura Trowbridge     May 28, 2007 in Lifestyle
Answer: When you can't have one at your employer's office!
Hey, Chris Hogg, do you have a window desk?! :)
A Connecticut secretary, Caryl Dontfraid, suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is a depression that many have in the fall and winter because of shorter and darker days. Exposure to bright light can help with the symptoms of this disorder.
Dontfraid first asked her employer, Binder and Binder law firm, if she could work at home during these dark times of the year.
Her supervisor said she could not because "we deal with very sensitive personal information and to have access to our information, you have to be in our office."Shortly after her request Dontfraid and her entire department were relocated to another part of the law firm's offices. Dontfraid's new desk was three feet from a window.
This was not good enough for Dontfraid and she complained to her supervisor again, asking to have a different work station. She was fired instead.
Her supervisor, David Hill, had asked her to just give it a few days when she had complained about her new spot. If you're not comfortable, I'll do my best to accommodate you,'" Hill recalled."She just refused to take her work station ... What was I going to do? Workers have to work."
So now Dontfraid is suing Binder and Binder law firm for $33 million for not giving her "a well-lit desk with a window view" and firing her from her position instead.
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