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article imageBullet removed from head, 64 years later

By Chris V. Thangham     May 28, 2007 in World
Doctors in China successfully remove the bullet lodged in the head of a woman for 64 years.
This is an update to an earlier story, where a bullet was lodged to the women’s head for 64 years, when Japanese soldiers shot her during the Second World War.
Because of this bullet she had a perennial headache. Finally, the doctors removed the bullet successfully by surgery.
When Jin Guangying, 77, was shot initially by a Japanese patrol in Jiangsu province fired on her as she was delivering the food for her father, who was fighting against Japanese at that time. She lost consciousness after the bullet injury, which hit another individual before it hit her. She later found herself at home didn’t remember much about the bullet incident and was wrapped in bandages. Since, they were poor they resorted to natural cures from the local village, didn’t see a doctor.
The bullet injury however caused her regular headaches, which also made her talk gibberish and foam at the mouth.
Ms. Jin’s family initially thought her symptoms to be of tumor, so her daughter Wang Zhengping, finally took her to doctor, who found a bullet in her head. A Military expert at Nanjing, the Jiangsu Capital, had identified the bullet as the one used by Japanese soldiers at that time.
Now, Ms. Jin can relax in peace without the recurring headaches but there may be another headache brewing in the family. Her family wants to go after Japanese Government. Ms. Jin’s family wants the Japan Government to pay for her 60 years of suffering.
As her children, we will soon go to Nanjing to consult with relevant experts as to how to seek compensation from the Japanese Government, and will definitely be seeking a public apology," the paper quoted Ms Wang as saying.I think Ms. Jin would say no big deal, but her children have other ideas.
Do you think the Japan Government should pay damages for Ms. Jin’s head injury?
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