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DRM-free iTunes set this week?

By Steve in the UK     May 27, 2007 in Internet
Rumors coming from a French sources familiar with online music stores has stated that Apple is preparing to finally launch its DRM-free music from EMI on iTunes later this week.
This has been rumored to be happening for some time now, but the delay does not seem to have been due to technical problems. Instead, it's more likely due to the fact Apple wanted to release the 256Kbps tracks for there whole catalog at the same time.
This would have meant having to go back to the original files and recoding them all one by one to get the new higher-quality tracks that are being used for the DRM-free service. These will not replace the current 99 cent-per track catalog so you will still be able to save money by buying those. Just remember, they not only have DRM embedded in them, but they they are also lower quality at 160Kbps.
This lower bitrate is not a major problem for most people who listen to these tracks on mobile device and therefore though small headphones. The new high bitrate will only really be noticed by people listening on a full stereo system and at a reasonable volume. The higher bitrate extends the higher frequencies which most headphones can not reproduce.
It was also only recently announced that Apple and EMI had signed the contracts that allows Apple to sell EMI's music DRM-free. EMI has already signed similar contracts with Amazon and Europe's VirginMega service.
Apple and EMI hope that the changes to the iTunes store will be complete by the end of this month.
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