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The Holy Grail Of The Science World Has Been Found And It Can Save Lives

By Michelle Duffy     May 27, 2007 in Science
UK experts have come up with artificial blood which will save lives in situations of mass trauma in the future
It has been five years in the making, but only recently have UK scientists established a new form of the plastic they have been using for artificial materials for a life time.
The University of Sheffield have devised the giant molecule which could possibly save lives. It can branch out in three different directions and is water soluble. It can be made cheaply and does not cost too much to move around.
The rest why it can save lives is that it can be used as an emergency blood in situations of great trauma where masses of people have been seriously injured and need blood fast. Instead of taking too much time to find out what blood group they are, this artificial blood can keep them alive and act as if it is their own.
It is yet to be tested on any human or anything which has a pulse, yet the future of this new find can only mean success and will make a lot of needless suffering in terror situations, a thing of the past...
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