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article imageA Bicycle Eaten by a Tree

By Chris V. Thangham     May 27, 2007 in Environment
A bicycle left unattended for years in a Douglas fir tree, gets taken over by it.
A Douglas fir tree has a bicycle encased in its trunk.
Someone left the bicycle leaning against the tree by chaining it to the bark of the tree. And since no one picked up the bike, it was left in the tree for a long time. As a result when the tree kept growing it encircled the bike and now it can be seen lifted seven feet off the ground.
This bicycle tree is very popular and is located in Vashon Island, Washington area. This tree won a 1994 contest as the most unusual place or event in the Washington-Oregon area. Also this Douglas fir tree has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and inspired a story even in a children’s book “Red Ranger Came Calling” by Berkeley Breathed, who used to live on Vashon Island.
Here are some images of it:
It should be interesting to see this tree in person. Initially when I saw this I thought it was photoshopped, but it looks real from various photographs in the web.
Have you heard about this tree before?
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