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Flickr Can And Will Delete Your Account For No reason

By RobotGod     May 26, 2007 in Internet
I have heard the stories about yahoo and Flickr acting like tyrants. I have even reported on it. Now it happened to me.
So my wife started this Flickr account to basically promote our art and my robots and just put it out there on the net more basically, since we never got a stupid Flickr account.
She spent a TON of time putting all the images up etc. Then a few days ago, she tries to log into the account and it won't let her. So, I tried a few tricks I know and nothing worked. I thought maybe it was an issue having to do with merging the account with Yahoo.
Anyway, I finally sent them an email:
Thanks for writing in . . .
Flickr account has been deleted by Flickr
staff for violations of Flickr's Community Guidelines and
Terms of Service, which you may review here:
What a guy. Way to answer my question skippy...
So I had a look at their guidelines and couldn't find anything she did wrong.
I sent Joe another email:
That was less then helpful Joey. How were the guidelines violated? I just had a look at that link and none of those guidelines were violated. And you never gave a warning. On that page it says you give a warning first.
Joey being the brain dead lackey that he is, scratched his head, picked some tasty grubs off his fellow worker and sent this email:
I'm sorry, but I didn't delete the account, so I can't say
why it was deleted.
Flickr reserves the right to delete accounts without prior
Really Joe? Cuz I thought you did it all yourself. Idiot!
No help at all. Basically all the time and energy and the entire account was a big waste of time.
Like I said, I have heard the stories and even reported on them. Honestly this is the kind of moronic crap I expect and have dealt with from Ebay.
So, I am putting the word out. Flickr has no regard for it's users. Don't waste your time.
Oh, and if you are so inclined, and would like to let Joe Know what you think about this, by all means email him and give him a diversion from flinging his own poo around the cage.
You will find Joey at this address:
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