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article imageBoy kills thousand pound wild hog

By Brandigal (Donna)     May 25, 2007 in Environment
An 11 year old boy killed a wild hog weighing 1,051 pounds with a pistol.
Jamison Stone, 11 years old from Alabama shot and killed a wild hog bigger than Hogzilla with a .50 caliber pistol. He shot the hog 8 times.
His father said the hog weighed 1,051 pounds and was 9 feet 4 inches from snout to tail.
Hogzilla was supposedly killed in south Georgia in 2004 and weighed 1000 pounds but was 12 feet long. But according to National Geographic experts, they said it weighed about 800 pounds and was 8 feet long.
His father put up the website to show off the pig but I could not get it to load.
He and his father were hunting with two other guides when he seen the hog. After shooting it 8 times and then chasing it for 3 hours, he finally was able to kill the hog with a point blank shot.
They had to use a backhoe and cut down trees to bring the hog out of the woods.
The hog was taken to a scale to be weighed. Jeff Kinder let them use his scale to weigh the hog. He said he was baffled to hear the reported weight of 1,051 pounds because his scale -- an old, manual style with sliding weights -- only measures to the nearest 10."I didn't quite understand that,"
The dad said it went one notch past the 1,050 mark so they thought it meant one pound more. So it probably meant the hog weighed 1,060 pounds.
They are having the head mounted by a taxidermist. The head measured 54 inches around and 74 inches around the shoulders and was 11 inches from the eyes to the snout. The rest of the animal will be made into sausage, about 500 to 700 pounds of it.
Jamison who has been hunting since the age of 5 said he prefers to hunt pheasants or monster pigs any day. He said it is less dangerous. He has also been offered a part in the horror movie "The Legend of Hogzilla," and he said celebrities have been calling to congratulate him such as Kenny Chesney.
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