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Older Men's Waist Size Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

By Laura Trowbridge     May 25, 2007 in Health
Research shows that a large waistline in older men is linked to sexual dysfunction and urinary tract problems.
Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York conducted a study off 88 men with medium to severe urinating problems. The average age of the men was 62 years old. They grouped the men by their waist size: 30-36", 36-40", and over 40".
The bigger the waists the worse the symptoms were in those particular men.
Dr. Steven Kaplan explained, Increasing waist circumference was significantly associated with "every parameter we looked at." Prostate volume, PSA level, voiding symptom score, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculatory dysfunction all increased as waist size increased.
Dr. Kaplan went on to say the results were a surprise to even the researchers doing the study. They had the idea that waist size might be a useful predictor of pelvic dysfunctions, but were amazed at how accurate their theories were.
The bigger the waist the worse a man's health is going to be for peeing and performing sexually.
This study, Kaplan concluded, shows that obese men are at increased risk of pelvic dysfunction and can be "easily diagnosed" by measuring waist circumference.
Keep fit and active, guys, and you will hopefully enjoy sex and easy peeing right up until a nice, ripe old age!
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