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article imageOrlando Bloom wants to take a Detour from Movies into Theatre

By Kyle Pallanik     May 26, 2007 in Environment
Orlando Bloom has become an A-list star, thanks to two blockbuster movie trilogies and several other popular films. But now he's looking for a new challenge and it looks like Live Theatre could be it.
It's not a path determined by Jack Sparrow's crazy compass that has set Orlando Bloom's next port of harbour, nor is it the roads and passages of Tolkien's Middle-earth. His next endeavour is a course set by his own chosen destiny, to return to the London stage, with a part in David Storey's play 'In Celebration' this summer.
"It's been an incredible ride," said Bloom about his famed movie career so far "And it's been wonderful but I'm sort of psyched to do something completely different."
The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, was the education that helped Orlando Bloom launch his acting career. He was inspired by movies, street performers and theatre as a child growing up in Canterbury, England.
"When I realized that if I was an actor, I could be any character I wanted instead of just one particular, I was like, `Wow, that's cool,'" he said.
After joining London's National Youth Theatre he won a scholarship to attend the British Drama Academy and learned from the stage experience.
He was cast in his first role as a rent boy in the 1997 film Wilde during his tenure at the Academy. However shortly after graduation in 1999 he was launched into international fame for his role as the elf Legolas in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
He describes the transition from graduate to movie star as "huge" and "surreal", but now at age 30, he says that the experience moved him "to go back to the beginning, as if I've just come out of school again."
"I'm looking forward to continuing working on movies and making choices that excite me, and right now that is doing some theater," he said, though he anticipates being "rather terrified" to go back to the live acting experience.
"Actors don't really get into their stride until they're in their late 30s and 40s. ... So when I think of the bigger picture, I've got a long road ahead and I think it's going to be important for me as an actor to work on my craft in this way."
For this summer's theatre project, he is happy to step out of the glitz of Hollywood for the time being and work with a "great company of actors...
I just really wanted to have a very organic experience. I didn't want to feel like I was in a star vehicle yet by any means."
It's a move that many actors have done in the past, especially those who have come from the theatre experience. Since the play is in London, I won't be seeing it myself, but I am looking forward to the third episode in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.
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