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article imageHave a pantie fetish? Go buy your own.

By patxxoo     May 24, 2007 in Crime
Just what is wrong with these guys? What is the thrill with stealing ladies underthings? Can anyone explain the fascination to me? Why not just go buy the durn things if you must have them? Got that? Buy your own!
Chih Hsien Wu of Fort Collins, Colorado was arrested for snagging (stealing)
around $6,000 dollars worth of ladies panties, stretch pants, sports bras and pantyhose in a period of about nine months.
So he obviously doesn't have a specific fetish. He was all for variety in his quest for ladies underthings.
When the police went to his home they found hampers and bags throughout the apartment that he shares with his wife. Yes, this one's married. What his wife was thinking is beyond me. Uh, how did she not notice the multiple hampers and bags throughout the apartment? Really strange.
He would steal them from washers and dryers when the owners would leave and come back when the cycle was done.
The police have photographed the ladies panties and have requested that the victims of the panty thief come in to identify their belongings so they will have an idea of just how many women he stole from.
So far he has been charged with a Class A felony.
So my question remains, why steal em when you could just go out and buy your own? That way you don't get arrested.
Don't these fetish people that steal stuff realize that hey, some of us are picky about our underthings and it can take a little hunting to find just what we're comfy in and it just rude to go sneaking around and stealing them.
So I will repeat myself, Go get Your Own durn panties if you Must have them!
Oh, the police say the women can get the underthings back after the trial is over. Can we all say ewww.
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