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Emo is so the New Goth OP/ED

By Samantha A. Torrence     May 23, 2007 in Lifestyle
EMO!!!!!!! It is in your face, it is here, it is... sorta queer. Emo is the new goth, the new punk, the new trendy non conformist, conformist teen culture.

You may have missed the announcement but the newest trend in teenage angst has a revamped name, EMO! Emo is a very fitting name, deriving from the word emotional. Like any teenage culture, this of course, centers around a genre of music by the same name. Emo music is punk music with a bipolar twist. Here is a sample of what is called screamotional hardcore emo.
So what is so special about EMO? Absolutely nothing, other than encouraging homosexuality, bisexuality, and trysexuality( they will try anything once). Thick rimmed glasses, trendy haircuts, lots of black, make up, nail polish, YAWN! It has all been done before.
Yet again a new generation of poseurs is born to conform to a new non conformity. When I was in school it was the "goth" crowd that did this. And as the song says, this is a cheap imitation of Goth. Except Goths played Atari, not old school Nintendo.
Let's take a look at what the urban dictionary has to say about Emo Kids.
A group of white, mostly middle-class well-off kids who find imperfections in there life and create a ridiculous, depressing melodrama around each one. They often take anti-depressants, even though the majority don't need them. They need to wake up and deal with life like everyone else instead of wallowing in their imaginary quagmire of torment.
This sounds about right. Emo kids come in all shapes and sizes and all forms of temperament. A few issues I take up with this culture is a fondness for self mutilation. It was not cool when the Goths did it, and it is not cool now. Threats of suicide are also another irritant in the EMO culture. Suicide is not a joke, and yet it seems more and more kids have decided that it is the new cry wolf.
So how do you spot an EMO kid?
They look like this.
Cheer up Emo Kids.
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